Digitec is an Ecuadorian company, founded in 1975, with main offices in the city of Quito and a secondary office in the city of Guayaquil.

Digitec serves as a Rep company for various technology companies, serving not only the Ecuadorian markets but the whole CALA region.

Our core business is focused on providing value added services to our clients abroad and their main customers in Ecuador.

Digitec has earned an important market share and mindshare in the Ecuadorian Telecom, Oil&Gas, Data Networks and Satellite market segments by consistently delivering on-schedule and on-budget project requirements to the highest customer and client expectations.

We pride ourselves in the quality of work we perform and out best asset is our team and brand name, which after 35 years of industry experience is synonymous of great work, commitment and the highest standards of customer satisfaction. 


Tecnología para conectar Abonados, Furukawa Digitec, Ecuador. FTTA y FTTH, Fibra Telefonía IP TVIP, Operadoras telefonía

Soluciones de Fibra Óptica Fibra Óptica Al Hogar,según sus siglas en inglés FTTH (Fiber To The Home), Telefonía IP y Televisión IPTV

Las soluciones de fibra hasta la antena,según sus siglas en inglés FTTA (Fiber To The Antenna), Sistemas de Comunicaciones Móviles, Inalámbricas y Satelitales. Operadores de telefonía

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